Insider Reviews

Insider Reviews

There’s no better opinion than those of our customers. If you have a 360 Scarf or enjoy our other products, feel free to send us your comments and pictures.

I bought my first WinterScarf 360 Scarf at a show at the Boston World Trade Center several Christmases ago. Since then I have bought additional scarves (as well as matching gloves and hat for myself and for gifts and a couple for my husband— perfect for snowy weather and plowing.) They are truly awesome! The materials and craftsmanship are high-quality. Not only fashionable but functional and comfortable. I am looking forward to see what new materials might be added this coming season. Online ordering is simple and service is prompt. SO VERY worth the price.
Sharon, Melrose, MA

Angie, Lombard, IL
Say goodbye to your old scarves that strangle you & get caught on everything. The 360 Scarf is so easy to put on and take off and the fleece is so ultra soft against my neck. The fabrics are wonderful and it was hard for me to only chose one…. So of course I own several! I get many compliments when I wear them. What a great idea!
Angie, Lombard, IL

Susan testimonial
Ever since I bought my 360 Scarf, my four conventional scarves sit unused in the closet. The fabric looks great with both parkas and wool coats. And The 360 Scarf is superior to my neck gaiter in that it doesn't mess up my hair when I put it on, and it covers more of my chest if I leave my coat slightly open at the top. I love this scarf!
Susan, East Brunswick, NJ

Julie Lisle, IL
I have to say that I just love the scarves from WinterScarf. I probably have over a dozen of these winter scarves, all different colors and fabrics to match what I’m wearing. I wear them with my winter coats and even blazers. I appreciate that I can Velcro them around my neck and never worry about them falling off or losing them. When I take it off I can fold it and put it in my coat pocket. It’s even convenient to just wrap around the strap of my purse! I recommend these scarves to friends all the time. Not one person has been disappointed!
Julie, Lisle, IL

I purchased several sets of the scarf, hat and gloves for myself and as gifts. I wear my scarf, hat and gloves almost every day in the winter and the gifts were a big hit! The scarf is so easy to put on and keeps me very warm. The hat and gloves are so cute and I feel so put together when I wear the set. No more clinching my shoulders when I go outside in the winter. All the fabrics are gorgeous. I just love them!
Marcia, Shakopee, MN