Scarf Sizing Instructions

WinterScarf offers various scarf sizes in order to ensure a custom and comfortable fit. This allows for the scarf to be snug without gaps and makes sure there is not excess fabric and bulk. The scarves are “unisex-sized.” Please refer to the following information when deciding your scarf size and placing your order.

Generally, most women who wear dress sizes between 0-16 comfortably fit into our small scarf sizes. Plus-sized women (those size 18 and over) should wear our medium-sized scarves. Most average-sized men (15-18.5” neck) wear mediums. Very large men and Plus ++ women(>18.5 inch neck) wear larges.

Measure the circumference of the middle section of your neck in inches and match to the corresponding sizing chart below. If youare on the border of the size range, consider your preference for either a loose fit or tight fit. In most cases, when you are in between two sizes, you should order the larger size. The scarf closes behind the neck with a two-inch strip of hook and loop closure which allows for significant adjustment.

Neck Size (inches)    Scarf Size
11 – 15  Small (average-size women)
15 – 18.5  Medium (plus-size women and average-size men)
18.5 – 21.5  Large (plus++ women and large men)

IMPORTANT NOTE: To account for the additional cost of fabric and related shipping weight, $1 is added to the price of each unit for Medium sizes and $2 is added for each unit for Large sizes.